Conservancy Background

Campus Martius Park provides an outstanding environment for all businesses, employees and residents to enjoy on a daily basis. The Park is a green, beautiful oasis maintained at the highest quality standards.

The organization that is responsible for the management, operation and delivering outstanding results for Campus Martius Park is the Detroit 300 Conservancy, a private, 501 (c) 3 not-for- profit organization. In 2009, the Conservancy became a subsidiary of the Downtown Detroit Partnership.

The Detroit 300 Conservancy, led by its founding Chairman Edsel B. Ford II, Compuware Chairman Peter Karmanos, the business and philanthropic communities, secured the original $20 million to design, build and endow the Park.

Under a long term agreement with the City of Detroit, the Conservancy secures private funding from the Park’s neighbors and supporters to operate the Park annually. The City supports the Park by providing utilities, public safety and special event services. Since the Park opened in 2004, the Campus Martius district has been kept beautiful and safe for the employees, residents and millions of visitors.

These positive results are made possible by the Conservancy’s strategic and hands on 24/7 management in carefully coordinating security and keeping the Park beautiful, active and illuminated year-round.

The Conservancy operates and manages the Park at the highest quality levels and in a very cost effective manner by utilizing a great team of contractors and vendors.


Detroit 300 Conservancy is a subsidiary of Downtown Detroit Partnership.  The Conservancy as a subsidiary furthers the mission of DDP and will help topreserve and maintain important public space in Downtown Detroit.


Robert F. Gregory
 Phone: (313) 962-0106

 Heather Badrak
 Business and Operations Manager
 Phone: (313) 962-0112

Njia Kai
 Programming & Special Events
 Phone: (313) 962-4054 voicemail

General Information:
 One Campus Martius, 3rd Floor
 Detroit, Michigan 48226
 Phone: (313) 962-0101
 Fax Number: (313) 962-0114

About Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius Park has delivered on its promise to be Detroit’s Gathering Place, exceeding expectations in every way. New development surrounding the Park from street level cafés to the Compuware and Quicken Loans Headquarters and One Kennedy Square Buildings now frame what has become a vibrant city center.
The Park has become the community gathering place for its immediate neighborhood, and the entire city. It is a place where everybody comes and is welcome; from the corporate lawyers, to the downtown residents. The Park celebrates and embraces diversity every day; a model for the Detroit region.
It is Detroit's, and the region’s, signature downtown square, as Rockefeller center is to New York City. More than any one public space in the region, the Park continues to attract high-profile events and activities that showcase Detroit to the world.
Campus Martius Park generates positive press for Detroit locally and internationally and is the most active pedestrian place in downtown Detroit year-round because it attracts people on a daily basis.

Park Guidelines

You Are Welcome ...

  • To visit the park during the hours of operation 6:00am – 10:00pm Daily.  Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 21 years of age or older after 6:00pm
  • To use the open areas, including the lawns
  • To use the park chairs, tables and benches within the park
  • To enjoy and touch the water features without entering the fountains
  • To appreciate the gardens without entering flowerbeds or picking flowers
  • To clean up after yourself by depositing waste in the trash receptacles
  • To bring your dog, as long as you leash it, keep it from watering trees, grass and plants, and stoop to scoop
  • To apply to hold an event in the Park that is appropriate in size and use
  • To dress modest and appropriate for a family environment.


The Park Guidelines Prohibit …

You Are Welcome ...

  •  Entering the park when closed
  • Panhandling or postings of signs in violation of city ordinances
  • Climbing on monuments, public art or trees
  • Feeding birds
  • Rummaging in trash receptacles
  • Obscene language or gestures, fighting, yelling, throwing objects, littering, playing loud music or other disorderly conduct of any kind
  • Obstructing park entrances and exits and walkways, including the entrance and exit to the Fountain Bistro
  • Performances, commercial activity, vending, distribution of commercial material or holding a commercial event without permission by Detroit 300 Conservancy
  • The use of sound amplification by any group or individual engaging in leafleting, petitioning, solicitation or demonstration; or leafleting, petitioning, solicitation or demonstration by groups of more than 25 people; without a permit from the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department.  (More detailed information about permits and demonstrations in City parks can be found at <> .)
  • Organized ballgames
  • Skateboarding, rollerblading or bicycling
  • Camping, grilling or open fires
  • Glass containers or alcoholic beverages

 Patrons of Campus Martius Park are subject to the rules, regulations and policies of the City of Detroit and the City of Detroit Department of Parks and Recreation


In 1788, Campus Martius served as a drill ground for militia training. Campus Martius means "military ground" and was named after the Campus Martius at Marietta, Ohio, a 180-foot stockade.
 After the fire of 1805, Judge Woodward was appointed to oversee the plan to lay out the streets, squares and lots with the assistance of the best surveyors from Canada. They placed their instruments and astronomical devices on the summit of a huge stone. He viewed the planets and meteors in order to determine "true North". Today we still call this point the "Point of Origin" which is located in center of Campus Martius at the junction of Woodward and Monroe. It is from this point that the City of Detroit’s Coordinate system was created.
 Campus Martius at that time was very low and marshy. It was very undesirable for building and the land was considered of little value. In 1847, the common council raised it considerably by filling it with 100 yards of earth. In 1861 colors were presented to the First Michigan Regiment at Campus Martius before heading off to Civil War duty.


Former Detroit Mayor Dennis W. Archer set the goal of creating Campus Martius Park as the best public space in the world. Detroit 300 Inc. adopted Campus Martius Park as part of its Legacy Project in September 1999. Detroit 300 Inc. and Mayor Archer established a Campus Martius Park Task Force to establish the vision, plan and design. The Task Force included 19 members with key stakeholders from Compuware, Kern Woodward Associates, building owners and representatives from the City Council, Parks and Recreation Department, the Greater Downtown Partnership, Detroit Downtown Development Authority, and Detroit 300 Inc. 

Six nationally recognized design firms were solicited to design the Park through a RFQ and RFP process. Rundell Ernstberger Associates was the unanimous choice of the Task Force and was subsequently approved by both Mayor Archer and Detroit 300 Inc. in May 2000.

Mayor Archer presented the Park plan to the public on March 16, 2001.

In August and September, 2003, the Mayor's office and the City Council approved the Park Construction and Operating Agreements with Detroit 300 Conservancy. The construction of the Park was completed for the Park's Grand Opening on November 19, 2004.

Construction began in May of 2003 and was completed in November 2004.